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    Taurus BZ MIG torches are precision engineered and manufactured from high-quality material offering the user a superior, well-designed, comfortable-to-use product which improves user performance. Nozzle walls are thicker which enhance longevity and superior performance. Contact tips are manufactured from a high-quality, harder than normal copper alloy which delivers excellent conductivity. The swan neck is durable, robust and is manufactured from a high temperature resistant material reducing the risk of shorting. The neck security block inside the handle prevents any rotational neck movement. The torches are fitted with a euro connector which is compatible with most MIG welding machines.

    General checklist to assist with the selection of a MIG torch:

    • Ensure the torch length is appropriate for the welding operation.
    • Confirm that the torch connection will fit directly onto the machine.
    • Ensure the correct sized tip and liner is used for the welding wire size.
    • The appropriate liner should be used for the filler wire material type.
    • Ensure that the correct torch amperage for the application is available.
    • Confirm that the duty cycle of the MIG torch selected is suitable for the application.

    The Taurus 4m BZ25 / MB25 MIG torch comes with the following;

    • 1 x BZ25 MIG torch
    • 1 x BZ25 Conical Nozzle/Shroud (02.02.25CO)
    • 1 x 1.0mm M6 contact tip (M6-1.00)
    • 1 x Right hand M6 tip adaptor (
    • 1 x 4m red steel liner (02.04.R4)

    Sold in packaging of 1 unit and the price is for 1 unit.

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