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Powercut P80 Plasma Torch Review

Powercut P80 Plasma Torch

P80 Plasma Torch

The Powercut P80 plasma torch is a 80A plasma cutting torch and is used for drag cutting. The torch is versatile and is widely used in various cutting applications in industries like engineering, automobiles and chemical machinery to name a few.

It has an ergonomic design which makes long time handling easier with less to no fatigue. The torch head is manufactured with high quality material with good flame retardation.

It is rated at 80A with a 60% duty cycle and can cut up to 35mm on mild steel.

The Powercut P80 plasma torch is a good performance torch and is characterized with high cutting speed, high precision, good cutting and small thermal deformation.

It can cut different types of metals like; Mild steel (flame cutting), High carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper and other non-ferrous metal

On purchase, the P80 plasma torch includes the following;

  • Complete 5M Torch x 1
  • Electrode x 1
  • Nozzle ( P80 Tip ) x 1
  • Retaining Cap x 1
  • Site Wheel (Guide Wheel Spacer) x 1
  • Spanner x 1


The P80 Plasma Torch Consumables available to purchase

  • Nozzle / Tip – Product code P80-02/SIZE
  • Electrode – Product code P80-01
  • Retaining Cap – Product code P80-03
  • Site Wheel (Guide Wheel Spacer) – Product code P80-04


P80 Nozzle also known as P80 Tip

P80 Plasma Tip

The Powercut P80 Nozzle is made from copper with a chrome-plated surface. It is resistant to high temperature and wear and is durable to use. The nozzle features a smooth incision, narrow slit with a small thermal deformation and easy to clean slag. Choose the correct nozzle size for your cutting sheet requirements.






0 – 6 mm




6 – 10mm




10 – 18mm

P80-02/1.7MM 1.7mm 100A

18 – 25mm


P80 Electrode

P80 Plasma Electrode

The Powercut P80 electrode is made from copper with a chrome-plated surface. It is resistant to high temperature and wear and is durable to use.



P80 Shield Cup also known as P80 Retaining Cap

P80 Plasma Retaining Cap

The Powercut P80 retaining cap is made from high quality material. It is heat resistant and corrosion resistant and has a long service life.




P80 Site Wheel also known as P80 Guide Wheel Spacer

P80 Plasma Wheel Guide

The Powercut P80 site wheel is made from high quality metal and is used to help guide the torch when cutting. It also helps prevent the torch head from touching the workpiece.





All our Powercut torches, spares and consumables, including the P80 range are manufactured utilizing high grade raw material which is procured from authentic vendors of the market. If quality and reliability is a priority then Powercut should be your brand of choice.

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