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  • MMA Inverters

    MMA Inverter

    If you want to visit our MMA inverters on our online store, then please click here.

    The MMA inverters are also known in the South African industry and individuals as; inverter welders, inverter welding machines, stick inverters, arc inverters, portable welders and the list goes on.

    There are many advantages to using an MMA inverter. Please see below a few examples;

    MMA Inverter


    • Small in physical size
    • Light in weight
    • Manufacturing cost savings
    • Portable and easy to move
    • Flexible control
    • Energy saving
    • High efficiency
    • Less susceptible to voltage fluctuations
    • Good arc stability
    • And more…

    Like all welding and plasma cutting machines, our MMA inverters come in different amperage sizes ranging from 160A DC @ 220V to 400A DC @ 380V.

    Please see the table below on some guidelines to help assist on what size MMA inverter machine you may require. Due to various factors, the below information is an average estimate of what is required regarding amperage, plate thickness and electrode size.

    mma inverter table

    Depending on your requirements and budget, some of our machines have an embedded VRD. A VRD stands for Voltage Reduction Device. This is an added safety future which keeps the output voltage low when not in use. Once the inverter detects an arc(load), the MMA inverter welding machine will fully switch on the output voltage. This happens so fast that it does not jeopardize welding quality at all. The VRD units are very common in the mining sector due to this extra safety characteristics.

    The two welding inverter brands we offer are Strikemaster and Flama. They are both directly imported by us. The Strikemaster is used by both professionals and DIY users and the Flama units are most commonly used by professionals in a heavy-duty environment. Both brands carry a one-year warranty and both give high quality clean welds. Both the Strikemaster and Flama welding machines can weld various steel types like mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium to name the most common. Each steel type you want to weld will require the correct electrode for that application.

    Our online store has over 340 commonly used products. We sell over 1250 products ranging in various categories regarding to welding, cutting, heating, PPE, etc… If you do not find what you are looking for online then kindly contact us via WhatsApp, email or telephonically for further assistance.

    Click here to access the MMA machines in the shop.

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