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  • Cut-N-Weld Improves Customer Experience with New RFQ Feature

    RFQ Feature Image

    Cut-N-Weld, a leading name in cutting and welding equipment and supplies, is excited to announce a significant improvement to its customer service capabilities – introducing a Request for Quote (RFQ) form on its website.

    As part of its ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service and fostering ease of transactions, Cut-N-Weld has unveiled this new feature, designed to streamline the purchasing process and provide customers with a more convenient and efficient way to obtain quotes for their welding equipment and supply needs.

    Key Benefits of the Cut-N-Weld RFQ Form:

    1. Simplified Quotation Process

    Customers can now request quotes for specific products or bulk orders effortlessly. This user-friendly form eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication, making the quotation process quicker and more straightforward.

    2. Tailored Solutions with an RFQ

    Cut-N-Weld understands that every customer’s needs are unique. The RFQ form lets customers detail their requirements, ensuring that quotations are accurately tailored to their specific demands.

    3. Speed and Efficiency

    With just a few clicks, customers can submit their RFQ, saving valuable time and reducing delays in getting the information they need to make informed decisions. The RFQ allows users to request quotes without having to contact Cut-N-Weld. This is convenient for customers who build the RFQ outside of normal office hours.

    4. Purchasing Made Easy

    Customers can request quotes before having to purchase anything online. This is useful for purchasing departments who need approval and a signed purchase order before they can purchase items.

    5. Dedicated Customer Support

    The Cut-N-Weld team is committed to providing prompt and personalised assistance. The RFQ form is closely monitored by our experts, ensuring that customers receive timely responses and solutions.

    How to Use the RFQ Form:

    1. Visit Cut-N-Weld’s website 
    2. Visit the shop page: https://cut-n-weld.co.za/shop/.
    3. From there, customers can add the products they want to the Quote with the Add to Quote button. 
    RFQ Diagram 1
    RFQ Diagram 2

    4. Once they have added all the needed items, they can hover over the Items on the Quote Section (1) and click view quote (2).

    RFQ Diagram 3

    5. Enter your details (1) and press the Place Quote button (2).

    RFQ Table

    Managing Director Nicolas van Rooyen shares, “Whether you’re a professional welder, a welding shop owner, or an industrial buyer, Cut-N-Weld’s RFQ is designed to meet your unique needs. We believe this new feature will greatly enhance your experience and make procuring welding equipment and supplies smoother than ever”.

    Cut-N-Weld remains committed to providing top-quality products, exceptional customer service, and innovative solutions to the welding community. Introducing the RFQ form is another step forward in this journey, reflecting their dedication to serving their customers better.

    For more information, visit Cut-N-Weld and explore its range of products and services.

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