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Brew your own beer at home



Brewferm brings a unique Belgian home-brewing tradition to you. What started in 1972 as a hobby has grown into Europe’s most highly specialized wholesaler of products for making your own beers.

Brewferm is still a Belgian family-owned business today, and it has grown into a market leader with a vision, a constantly expanding range of offerings, and strong brand loyalty in the homebrew market.



We offer various equipment, ingredients and accessories to begin your brewing journey. From your starter kit to capping your bottles. We have it all. We also offer various ingredient kits with 12 different flavours and alcohol strengths to satisfy your taste buds.

Some key features …

  • Custom brew your own superior taste
  • More variety in flavour, taste and strength
  • It’s fun, exciting and easy to make
  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients
  • Healthier option to conventional beer
  • Lower cost compared to conventional beer
  • Pairs perfectly with any type of food

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